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Hello, please use the form above to send a message.

Additionally, please try to secure your email with GnuPG/PGP/OpenPGP/OpenPGP, a circumvention for the inherently insecure email, which has been available since 1991.

Thank you.

The Fingerprints for the public keys on the emails from here are: C320 E4B0 8324 1F10 6A4E D2ED CD3B 819B 335A 208D & B1D5 EAF8 2F6F 1C75 7F18 1391 C86F F47B 3E16 B4B7

Have you heard of "leaked email" ? It apparently doesn't take much of a hacker to do that, when all the email is sent in plain text over multiple nodes on the interweb.

If you do not receive a response to the Contact Form above within 27-47 hours, you can use my other contact form here or the one below. Thank you.

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