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Commonly asked questions with answers are posted here. If you have a question not posted here, Contact Us and send it in!

What is an Online 3D World?

An Online 3D World (also known as an Online Virtual World) is an amazing and fantastic 3D online experience that you can customize to fit YOU. It's a place where you can make wonderful things happen, interact with other people and create your own avatar, for free! An "avatar" is used to "walk" around "in-world" and "talk" to other people in Nearby Chat, IMs and usually voice.

That's as much like a game as it gets, other than the necessity to install and use a 3D Viewing application, known as a "Viewer" for logging into a world.

My viewer ate the grid connection, how can I get it again?

The grid connection URL is posted for new account access after they create an account. It is not helpful for those who do not have an account. You may see it again by opening the Connect page. Bookmark it with the website and you won't have a problem again!

What is Halcyon?

Halcyon is the simulator program name, not a World. It was a improvement from "OpenSim" quite a few years ago. It powers the operation of a World, like a web browser shows websites.

What was InWorldz?

InWorldz was an Online 3D Grid which was switched over to Halcyon a few years before it was lost unfortunately. Myself and a few others I know/knew were on it.

It's gone but not forgotten. InWorldz was a very nice Online 3D World, with some very nice people. Although the original website/domain seems to have been bought by an East Indian Casino corporation, so please feel free to join the Discord server/group which I created if you were on InWorldz, see the listing on the Disboard here.

Thank you.

Resources Unrelated to this World

Below are a few resources unrelated to this world. Feel free to explore them also. Thank you.

Covenant Calendar Club

For anyone who would like to meet up with other CCC members in Real Life (RL) I have started a CCC Contact Lookup List, and if you've joined the Zoom Meetings with the Covenant Calendar Club, and if you'd like be added to that list just fill out my Hush form here, your information will be Encrypted. Also please register in this World and let me know, one of the Regions here will be for the CCC People Finder.

If you've met with the CCC on Zoom Meetings, send me an Encrypted email with my public key here and let me know your username after you register here. If you have not yet setup Encrypted email, read this.

In addition, if you'd like to subscribe to my new CCC Contact Finder Mailing List, you can do so here.

Thank you.

Covenant Calendar Club

The Covenant Calendar Club is a group of people who have been getting back to the truth in the Scriptures, namely our Creator's Calendar and His apointed times, and eliminating false ideas like the Lunar Calendar, the Sunset day-start theory, and for some the Globe lies.

This is intended to be a place for those Studying our Creators Calendar to connect and meet up on.

You can visit the website for the Covenant Calendar Club here.

In the Geneva, Bishops 1568, and KJV 1611 versions of the Scriptures, the words "the Lord" should have been translated as "Yahuah". Also the phrase, "the LORD your God" should have been translated as "Yahuah your Elohim".

Winning Pakistan

"On a mission from the Most High Yahuah, and through the wisdom and strength of His Son, Yahusha ha Mashiach, we labor to WIN all of Pakistan, one soul at a time!" This is a good outreach ministry to support, not related to this world. See their website here.


"WELCOME TO THE FIGTREE GENERATION, ALSO CALLED THE FINAL GENERATION!" Matt 24:34 “Truly, I say to you, this generation shall by no means pass away until all this takes place. TS2009

fig tree

This is another good resource for study, not related to this world. You can see the website here.

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