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Welcome to the To All Churches Halcyon World!

Halcyon Grid is a Virtual World with a full 3D environment, where you may move about with a character(avatar) in a 3D World accessed with a 3D Graphics Application, commonly known as a "Viewer," to most users of these Worlds, the most common of which is the Firestorm Viewer.

This is an example of how FirestormOS will appear before logging into the world(with several different rotating pictures). To register select "New Account" at the left side of this page.

The OpenSim version of which is compatible, which is known as "FirestormOS", the 'OS' meaning "OpenSim" in this case, not to be confused with "Operating System" in other contexts. While this World is not technically an "OpenSim" Grid with the ability to teleport between Grids, the FirestormOS Viewer also supports Halcyon Worlds, since Halcyon Grid was a fork from the Open Simulator Project in 2010.

For a couple more examples, here are two Screenshots of the Firestorm Viewer before login with two other Halcyon Grids selected, Amaryllis Grid & Gospel World. Which are in no way connected to this grid, and do not support this grid. Unfortunately the owner of Amaryllis Grid shut down the world, without any notice nor information at all. So a group of the residents have started Sovaria Estates. It's ran by a board with a non-profit organization setup for it.
Here are a couple in-world snapshots of the previous Amaryllis Grid & Gospel World, they are/were both the same Halcyon type of World Simulator, just with different content.

Amaryllis Grid & Gospel World Examples
This was the Amaryllis Grid Welcome region where all new avatars appeared. Since it was closed please visit Sovaria Estates to join the replacement for AmG.
The Gospel World Plaza on Gospel World.
Vivox Voice
Unfortunately there is a wait for an indeterminate time for a new plugin to be made for the new free Vivox 5 Voice service, courtesy of Unity. So until that time, there is a Discord group I've created with a voice channel that can be used while a person is in-word. There are a few other worlds using the previous iteration of Vivox Voice, though unfortunately I did not request an account for the previous free vivox voice service before Vivox was sold to Unity, and the folks at Unity stopped giving out accounts for the older Vivox service.
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